Fine Exchange
An Introduction...

Fine Exchange is a trading platform for virtual assets, built on a powerful open source trading software "hollaex kit". Bringing ease and flexibility to its users.

Fine Exchange is a virtual assets trading platform of next generation. It is powered by open source hollaex ecosystem utilizing the Hollaex Network's shared liquidity pools.
Hollaex ecosystem is built on a vision to gave the control of the dominating businesses markets called exchanges back to you and me.

Here is a quote from hollaex website:  "With the emergence of crypto industry, we have seen a significant growth in open financial tools and trading software allowing the creation of open market places for people to trade digital assets. Exchanges are marketplaces that help us discover price through open supply and demand fundamentals and play an important role for fair access to markets and utilizing digital assets. Exchanges for a very long time have been multi-billion dollar venues accessible only to a few, however recently they have become more accessible as a result of technological break throughs and new trading mechanisms."

We are constantly working with Hollaex Developers to build new features on top of useful feedback from our users. Fine Exchange is fueled by XHT, Which helps it to utilize the services provided by surrounded nodes and power the exchange even more.

The benefits of deploying exchange with Hollaex kit are remarkable. Any future updates will give immediate flexibility to update all the nodes easily with no work ahead and instantly serving it to our users. Fine Exchange always uses latest version of Hollaex Kit and deploy the necessary updates as soon as they become available.